Since the foundation of our ministry, we have dreamt that our website may be used not only as an information platform but also as a resource centre. This is exactly what our “Media Centre” is for!

Within our Media Centre, you will find a variety of teachings, inspirations, training materials and prophetic messages. We have included video and audio files as well as written training materials in the form of PDF documents. We invite you to explore our Media Centre and you are also welcome to download the materials to your computer, iPod etc. All materials in our Media Centre are available for free and may be multiplied and shared.

Our central themes include the following:

  • The kingdom of God
  • Living in the Spirit
  • Prayer
  • Discipleship
  • Access to the living Word of God
  • Healing and deliverance
  • Prophetic and apostolic ministry

Our central concern is that which Jesus called out to us in relation to the kingdom of God: “Repent/ turn around / reflect, for the kingdom of heaven has come near!” (Mt 4:17)

The media we produce and distribute should therefore help to consolidate and deepen our biblical world view of the kingdom (“our home”) which came near to us in Christ, as well as our biblical image of man (“our identity”). Our materials aim to promote the practice of the Christian life – in the everyday life of individuals and within society. The items within the Media Centre have been specifically chosen because we aim to promote materials that are both practice-orientated and theologically sound. Our MP3s, books and DVDs intend to equip whole people groups and are therefore not merely aimed at training individuals. For this reason, our materials are also suitable for use in bible study groups, teams, organizations and within ministries that serve cities and nations.