Kingdom Impact is …

… a prophetic-apostolic living and serving community with a prayer house and an international and interdenominational mandate for training.


Our vision is …

… to see the invisible kingdom of God become present in the midst of our world – “on earth as it is in heaven”. Yes, the kingdom of God should become present in our lives, in our everyday tasks, in our nations, our families and in our relationships. This moves and excites us!


Different areas of ministry and certain partner ministries are part of us:

The areas of ministry, belonging to Kingdom Impact, include the training ministry, the prayer house and the publishing and media ministry (online shop – German).
Highway ministries and Arise are partner ministries with Kingdom Impact and are led by Jacky & Angela Krättli and Mike & Kay Chance, respectively. They are partners in our vision. Together, we share and carry the same vision that God has placed on our hearts.


God has given us a three-part mandate:


1. Training ministry
Our training ministry is our most “visible” ministry. Teaching and training, established from and taking place within practical experience, is central to our training schools and seminars. Our team and our volunteers live and work together and training therefore takes place within our everyday lives. In this way, discipleship occurs within all areas of life and enables individuals to become deeply anchored within the Word of God.
In addition, we are also often invited to accompany churches and organisations within the training of certain ministry areas or even within their growth and building phases. During such seasons, we will regularly meet and work with the leaders, churches and the teams that are involved in the specific ministry or growth phase.

2. Serving God through intercession and worship
An important part of our mandate is to serve the Lord through worship and intercession. This happens both locally within our prayer house in Denkingen, as well as through our “mobile” intercessors, who live in various places in Germany and Switzerland, and who work with us in prayer from home. We believe that nothing in the kingdom of God will come to pass or remain without prayer. Prayer is the “motor” of our ministry which primarily enables us to live out and mulitply the treasures that God has revealed to us.

3. Fellowship and commitment through community living
The third mandate of Kingdom Impact is our call to live as a team within community. We want to live in the light with one another, test the messages that we preach and experience God’s kingdom while we do life together. We believe that the kingdom of God does not only want to land on individuals, but always wants to land on relationships and communities because the treasures of the kingdom of God can only fully be expressed within community. Due to the fact that we are living out exactly what we proclaim, we have therefore begun to recognize that our message has become much clearer, is more powerful and also has a greater impact.


Our core themes and our message:

  • The kingdom of God
  • “Place your faith in God!”
  • Living in the Spirit
  • Training to live in the supernatural
  • Living in the light
  • Team life – heart-to-heart relationships
  • Practical discipleship and faith training
  • Discerning the times and seasons
  • Intercession & prophetic training
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Discipleship & multiplication
  • Apostolic-strategic thinking
  • Releasing callings
  • Healing
  • Nations & mission
  • Fear of the Lord



We work and co-operate with various different churches and ministries – Examples over the past few years include: Watchmen on the wall, Germany; Augsburg prayer house; round table prayer; FEG Illmensee; Bretheren church, Wilhelmsdorf; BGG Albstadt; Christ church, Ellwangen; Amden prayer house; Stadthagen prayer house; House of Life, Hochimst; various church planting movements; Youth With a Mission, etc.


Further information …

… can be found in the column on the right. Have fun exploring our website!