Monika Flach

is the founder and leader of Kingdom Impact. 

Monika’s heart in ministry is to train people to live a life in the spirit and, therefore, enable them to go forth and preach the kingdom of God. Her desire is to to bring individuals, as well as entire nations, in contact with Jesus – the God of the ages who is more than enough for every situation!

Monika Flach was born in Munich in 1967 and is a real Bavarian. Together with her four siblings, she grew up in a Christian home and made a lifelong decision to follow Jesus at the age of seven.

After completing her nursing degree, Monika joined a bible school in Bad Gandersheim after which she attended a bible school in Augsburg. During this season, Monika worked as a part time nurse while simultaneously attending the respective bible schools. In the year of 1990, God called Monika to join Michael Schiffmann and Jürgen Klammt to invest in building up the Christian Training center in Hannover. This center focused on training individuals within the prophetic ministry, intercession and worship.

In the year 2000, Monika founded the “Healing Rooms” of Hannover and led a team of 20 (non-denominational) members until 2006. This team still exists and is continuing the work that was started by Monika in 2000.

In 2002, the ministry of Kingdom Impact was born. A major focus in the first few years (in addition to the emphasis on training ministry for the German-speaking nations) was the training of prophetic people in India.

Simultaneously during this season, a close co-operation with relevant church-planters in Switzerland began to form. In order to invest into the education of young church planters in Europe, Monika moved to Zürich (together with the core team of Kingdom Impact) in 2006 and became part of the C-movement and the DNE-Dynamic Network Europe.

From 2006-2009, the ministry of Kingdom Impact mainly focused on the training of church planters in Zurich. Within the year of 2009, Kingdom Impact shifted its main focus back onto training ministry and the guidance of ministry teams and churches. The move to Konstanz, Germany in 2010 was also the start of a new season. During this season, a large emphasis was placed on training the recruited KI staff members within the areas of their identity and heritage in the kingdom of God.

Kingdom Impact served in Konstanz for 6 years after which the ministry and its prayer house relocated to Denkingen, Pfullendorf in 2016. God blessed Kingdom Impact with a spacious house for ministry and the team is excited about the possibility of living in closer community with one another. We, as a team, are also excited about the new season of multiplication and our increased responsibility within Germany and the nations.

Some fun facts:
Within the Kingdom Impact team, Monika holds the record for reading the most books in the shortest amount of time. Monika also loves action movies and her laugh is absolutely contagious!