We are delighted to have guests visit us in the prayer house

Our prayer house is currently open to the public on Wednesdays and Thursdays. All visitors or guest prayer supporters are welcome to join us during these days. You are welcome to join us for individual prayer sessions or even for whole days of prayer.

If you want to come and visit us in the prayer house, please see our prayer schedule (in German) so that you can plan your visit and know which prayer mandate we will be praying for in that time.
Please note: The language used will be German and we are unable to offer live translations into English.


Here’s a taste of our prayer mandates:



We stand for our continent Europe, pray into the callings of different nations and for the coming harvest. Therefore we pray that God will send workers into the harvest and that individuals as well as whole nations will be saved and make disciples. Let us pray that evangelism/mission and prayer will come together and become a powerful tool in the hand of our God. Europe shall be saved!



A new era has dawned in which Israel plays a central role. We pray that Israel will come into their God-given position among the nations.



Prophetic Ministry

In this prayer time we will stand in intercession for the equipping and the calling of prophetic people so that they will find their place in the body of Christ.
We pray that in our country, the prophetic will increase in quality and divine influence and develop its power to shape our nation. It’s our heart to see that the prophetic and the apostolic become more closely connected and want to see an “upgrade” of the prophetic movement in Europe develop.


The Kingdom of God in marriage and family

We pray that families will emerge and be strengthened according to God’s plan. We believe and pray for families that are founded on the Word of God and are anchored in the Kingdom of God and live together out of His resources. We pray for marriages that reflect God’s love and faithfulness, and for good relations between generations in our country. We also pray for leaders who pioneer these areas and teach and train others in them.