Partners – Helpers – Staff

How to get involved

Below you will find an overview of the different options in which one can support and/or work within the Kingdom Impact ministry and prayer house. For more details please click on the relevant key words or links below.


Public prayer house times Everyone is welcome to our public prayer times and prayer events. We sincerely appreciate your support and prayers.
KI volunteer: A minimum of 6 weeks to a maximum of 1 year volunteer program within the Kingdom Impact training centre.
KI staff/ prayer house missionary: A minimum of 20 hours of prayer and/or practical work per week.
KI support (KI fire): A minimum of 4 hours of prayer per month.
KI prayer partner: A minimum of 2 hours of prayer per month.
Prophetic prayer army: Uniting in prayer during prayer events, within the KI mandates etc.
Partners & donors: Financially supporting KI – Regularly or as a once-off donation.