KI staff/ KI prayer house missionary

Living and serving within a prophetic-apostolic ministry


What to expect:

  • Begin with our 3 month volunteer program first.
  • 20-40 hours per week of prayer and/or practical work.
  • Attend our yearly Partner Day (November).
  • Attend our yearly prophetic conference.


A more detailed description:

Would you like to live and work within a prophetic-apostolic ministry and support us through practical work and prayer? Did the message concerning the kingdom of God impact you? Would you like to invest in helping us bring the message of the kingdom of God into the nations? Do you have a heart for outreaches? Or would you perhaps simply like to serve us through a special skill such as in the area of administration/ IT/ video & production/ translation etc.

As a KI-Staff member or prayer house missionary; you will live, serve and work with us in the prayer house and/or within the different areas of practical work. This may take the form of 20-40 hours per week. You will be discipled by a mentor and should simultaneously also have a heart for discipling others.
Due to the fact that we are a pioneer work, it is therefore imperative that you have a servant heart, are emotionally stable and are also willing to work independently – be it in the prayer house and/or within practical work. You should be ready and open for any type of work but we will, of course, also consider your different giftings. Our prayer house is not a local city prayer house. For this reason, it is also important that you have a heart for the nations, for intercession and for worship and that you also understand Kingdom Impact’s mandate.

Every individual who applies to become a KI-Staff member or prayer house missionary will first begin with a internship. Each volunteer will also be assigned a mentor and therefore receive discipleship throughout this period. This will enable both parties to get to know one another and will also enable us to discern whether Kingdom Impact is the right place for you and your calling. 



For further information and contact details:

KI office