KI fire – Our Support-Team

Practical support – Prayer – Outreaches – Training


What to expect:

  • A minimum commitment of 4 hours prayer / practical support per week
  • KI-Fire meeting once a month
  • Partner Day once a year (November)
  • Prophetic Conference once a year
  • Opportunities to support us in prayer, personal ministry and at the book table during seminars, or in joining our international prayer outreach teams.


A more detailed description:

For those whose spiritual home and main focus is in their church, but would like to support us occasionally, there is the opportunity to become part of the KI-Fire team. This includes at least four hours of prayer and practical work per week. You will send us a short report at the end of each month, sharing with us your impressions and prayer focus. In addition, KI fire partners are also obliged to participate in our prophetic conference (Ascension Weekend) and in our Partner Day, which takes place once a year (in November).
You are also obliged to participate in our monthly KI Fire meeting. This helps you to experience that you are actually part of a team and also for the relationships among each other to develop and grow. In these meetings, you’ll get a regular update about what’s happening in Kingdom Impact. In addition, you’ll also receive our monthly partner newsletter (in German).
Since KI-Fire is committed to the vision and mission of Kingdom Impact, we offer discipleship, coaching and training.


For further information and contact details:

KI office